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PayMarker is a web-based application that is designed to make it easier for markers to apply for an upcoming marking exam session. The application is aimed at streamlining the process of short-listing, appointing, and paying markers for an exam session.

The PayMarker application also has a functionality that makes it easier for the Department of Education Officials to make payments to markers for travelling from their places of residence to the allocated marking centers. PayMarker will achieve the goal of calculating the total amount each marker will be paid and the overall amount for all the markers.

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Digital Applications

Markers will apply online for an upcoming marking session.


Easy accessibility of the system from any location and from any device.

Faster Application Process

If you have applied before, your details will still be available on the system. If applying for another marking session, the applicant will just update their details if needs be.

Better Accuracy

Applicants will receive alert notifications if they have left out information by mistake, they will not be able to submit if they have not completed the application.

Automatic Elimination of Applicants

The system has a set minimum criterion that applicants must meet. If they do not meet the minimum criteria, they will get an automatic response after submitting their application.

Real-time Reports

Markers are scanned in when they access the marking centers, reports can be viewed of the real-time data.

Accurate Payments

The Department of Education Officials can make accurate payments to the markers using the reports from the system.

Digitized Appointing Hierarchy

All the Officials involved in the selection and appointment of a marker will perform their duties on the system. They will be able to recommend and comment on the applications.

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